this is our year

by adults

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Only took like 2 years. Shut up. We love you.


released June 16, 2014

Paul - guitar, vocals.
Josh - bass, vocals.
Drew - drums, short shorts.

Gang vocals by adults, Rustle Pants, and Meat Dust.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by James "Wizard" Whitten.
Layout by Rustle "Moran" Pants.
Photos by Rachel "Done Got Specked" Speck and Eric "King Of Gretna" Martinez.




adults New Orleans, Louisiana

Josh. Paul. Drew. Rustle. Several dads who have no children that they know of.

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Track Name: Strange Things In The Neighborhood
next time i see you
what am i gonna see
will i ever see you?
what can i say?

strange things in the neighborhood
we know they can't be good
strange things in the neighborhood
what are they doing to our hood?

i been bad, i been good
i've done things never thought i should
i been bad, misunderstood
i don't think we understand

raise a flag we gotta raise a flag
say what's on our minds, what's on our minds?
say what we think, or do we think?
make an end to this stagnant end!
Track Name: For The Win
ride these streets around all day
we pay taxes they dont pave
corporate community neighborhoods
no room for you what can you do

answers to these problems are in your hands
what is normal other than: fucking bland?
still we try to change our lives
and they dont understand
money is shit we can do without
but its the only thing they care about

this is freedom? then i feel crazy
this is order? what is normal
this is freedom?
this is order?

cops pull you over for being white
how's it feel to fit the profile
you got money, so its okay
imagine dealing with it every day
Track Name: Calling Collect
dead friends on the line calling collect
trying to unbind the few things we have left
they crackle codes between the words that we share
killing conversation - dissolved in air

so don't wait up for me, i'll find my way home
i'll follow the river, please don't phone

this is the sun you never wanted to see
at 6 am with gums that bleed.
Track Name: Window
writin on my window, day that you'll be here
wake up every mornin with at least one thing clear
i know i'll see you, see you once again
will it be the same or this time be the end

even though there's places and and friends i could see
never feels the same like when you're next to me

could you tell me what you think without makin it seem unreal
i know you live so far away it's hard to make a deal
don't intend to make things hard, ruin all your fun
Track Name: Florida Man
day by day
on our way
fill these streets
sand and clay
we can see it
wash away
winter storms
Track Name: Death No. 2
we die alone, choking on the memories
Track Name: Bad Scene, Everyone's Fault But Mine
another night of porches pregnant with silence
singing awkwardly, aching of our divorces
and i'd be lying to say i never thought about
leaving town with no one finding out

we all drift through the waters
shitty on wine, choking on cigarettes
collect like ashes
stuck at the bottom of a bottle

we all talk shit the way it just is
talk less and care less
spit our words out as sharp as possible

and maybe next time (they'll cut you down to size)
fight and scream and try as hard as i can
but it never seems to get any better.
Track Name: 3 1/2 Warm Beers
tell me if it makes any difference
i haven't done everything ive wanted to
over the past years

but it takes a long long time
and a lot of patience, so i think...
all they think is that it takes a bunch of paper bills
to be happy, and successfull
get that collie degree, go, get that leash

i dont want your money! like you do
i dont need your money! like you want me to

so what does that mean, that im worthless,
that you're worthless too?
but i think we got, something goin...
and i think things are slowin down.

its never enough, to be one thing,
to be in one place, be happy
with who you are, or who you're with
Track Name: Phantom Limb
burned your things on the porch and listened to the neighbors complain.
watched the smoke rise up, sat and drank and hoped for better days

we spend our nights screaming over storms and static
bad connections and dirty lines
the best i can hope for you and me and everyone
is that maybe someday i'll never have to see you again

ripped the plaster from the walls of this shitty southern home
awake till 2, up by 6, to dig up foundations turned to stone

and we still go through the motions designed to stab at and exploit our differences
locked up, taken away, and i can still hear you say

still you don't try
Track Name: Country Song
uncle sam you took my life
through what was my future wife
she made a move to take a stand
now i'm fightin a war you forgot about or never knew

i'm dreamin of you, but you're dreamin that it'll last
but it won't last, no!

and i find that i'll compromise
with anyone who won't tell me lies
Track Name: Web In Front
all i ever wanted,
all i ever wanted,
all i ever wanted was to be your spine.
Track Name: Anyone Thinks
i don't care what anyone thinks about me anymore
cause i don't think about anyone anymore at all
that's not true, cause i'm thinkin about you

sat there by myself
all by myself
didn't take no one else
get me to think of you

time moves on day by day, so cliche
it's what i had to do to keep my mind
to get by without you
find a meaning or a reason to pick up and carry on
i fumbled through the pieces of my life
and moved on to some new things without you