this is a demonstration of our ability to play musical instruments.

by adults

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hello humans! this is our album. it is free to download if you want, but you could also throw a couple bux if yr feeling generous and you like our faces! thanks!!!


released September 26, 2011

recorded at the maze and the ice cream castle september 2011.

recorded, mixed, mastered and tenderly caressed by james whitten.

adults is paul josh and drew.




adults New Orleans, Louisiana

Josh. Paul. Drew. Rustle. Several dads who have no children that they know of.

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Track Name: Bad Scene, Everyone Else's Fault But Mine
another night of porches pregnant with silence
singing awkwardly, aching of our divorces
and i'd be lying to say i never thought about
leaving town with no one finding out
we all drift through the waters, shitty wine,
choking on cigarettes collect like ashes
stuck at the bottom of a bottle
we all talk shit the way it just is
talk less and care less
spit our words out as sharp as possible
and maybe next time (they'll cut you down to size)
there's a light at the end
but i doubt it'll get any better.
Track Name: Country Song
uncle sam you took my life
through what was my future wife
she made a move to take a stand
now i'm fightin a war you forgot about or never knew
i'm dreamin of you, but you're dreamin that it'll last
but it won't last, no!
and i find that i'll compromise
with anyone who won't tell me lies
Track Name: Strange Things In The Neighborhood
next time i see you
what am i gonna see
will i ever see you?
what can i say?
strange things in the neighborhood
we know they can't be good
strange things in the neighborhood
what are they doing to our hood?
i been bad, i been good
i've done things never thought i should
i been bad, misunderstood
i don't think we understand
raise a flag we gotta raise a flag
say what's on our minds, what's on our minds?
say what we think, or do we think?
make an end to this stagnant end!
Track Name: Anyone Thinks
i don't care what anyone thinks about me anymore
cause i don't think about anyone anymore at all
that's not true, cause i'm thinkin about you
sat there by myself
all by myself
didn't take no one else
get me to think of you
time moves on day by day, so cliche
it's what i had to do to keep my mind
to get by without you
find a meaning or a reason to pick up and carry on
i fumbled through the pieces of my life
and moved on to some new things without you
Track Name: Nothing Left
we die alone, choking on the memories
Track Name: Pick A Side
pick a side or make your own
this world's gone sour with an infotone
too much to choose from a majority view
it's hard to keep comfort when you could be wrong
check the facts, destroy your maker
why rely on an internet faker?
days are shorter and no one knows why
it's hard to keep comfort in society's eye
we know so much but care so little
we're waiting for the sayer
to save us from our sins
to tell us how life is
Track Name: Fabrichio
watch the wholesale slaughter of the whole damn town.